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Getting Started in Reach Quick Guide

This guide walks you through the steps to creating your account in Reach.

Reach is a mobile app that allows you to ​identify & connect with people​ that you know or meet in your day-to-day life. You can Reach everyone -- from a family member, to the person you struck up a conversation with while waiting in line at the grocery store!

Campaign Invite Code: 6HJW7S

Getting Started

Step 1:​ Download the phone application: ​Reach Progressive Canvass​.

Download - IOS App Store | Google Play Store

Step 2:​ After verifying your phone number, enter the campaign code 6HJW7S

Step 3:​ Create your account by filling out your name and contact information.

Find a voter

Step 1: ​Enter an individual’s name and address to pull up  their profile. You can narrow your search by being more specific, or just search for their name and city.

Step 2: ​Select the correct profile from the list.

Note: If you can’t find their profile, you can make one! Click the blue circle with the (+)sign and fill in their information, including name, address, phone number and email.

Answer the questions

Step 1: ​Fill in the questions & information on the persons profile. The most important information to collect: ​the voter’s phone number & email, Candidate support ID, and plan to vote.

Step 2:​ Other survey questions include their top plan to vote and adding any other notes you have.

Step 3: ​Survey responses will automatically be saved after answering.

Important: We want to follow up with voters -- it is critical that we fill in the voter’s contact information.

Congratulations! You have now Reached someone. To add another person, click the Search icon at the bottom of your screen and repeat the process. Want more info? Check out our full guide to Reach and relational organizing.