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Guide to Reach and Relational Organizing

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. This guide covers how to use Reach, what relational organizing is, and the powerful role you have to play in this campaign.

Need help Reaching? We are on a Zoom all day to help you and get you plugged into adding contacts and contacting the critical voters you know who still need to vote.

Get started in Reach

Step 1:​ Download the phone application: ​Reach Progressive Canvass​.

Download - IOS App Store | Google Play Store

Step 2:​ After verifying your phone number, enter the campaign code: 6HJW7S

Step 3:​ Create your account by filling out your name and contact information.

Identify your network in Reach

Note: While Reach works on both desktop and mobile, for this step, you’ll need to use your smartphone.

Step 1: Navigate to the “My Reach” section of the tool (access it from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen).

Step 2: Tap “Import from Your Contacts” to bring up your contact list. 

Step 3:  At the bottom of the screen, tap “Search for Matching Voters in Reach.” This will bring up everyone in your contacts whose names or phone numbers match those of registered voters in the Georgia voter file. 

Out of state volunteers: Sometimes you have connections in Georgia that you didn't even know you had!

  • Search for GA area codes: 229, 912, 478, 706, 762, 770, 404, 470, 678.

  • Go on social media  (FB, LinkedIn) and search for “friends in Georgia.” Once you’ve found them, add them to your network using the “live search” feature (access this by pressing the magnifying glass on the bottom dashboard). 

Step 4: Tap on a contact to see their potential matches. Once you’ve found their match in the voter registry, check what it says beneath their name: "Needs to Vote" or "Voted". If they've already voted, skip them -- if they need to vote, add them to your network by tapping into their profile and answering survey questions about them.

Tip: If someone in your contacts has a nickname (ex: “grandma”), they won’t show up in the voter file. For these folks, you can use the live search feature (the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen)  to look them up by their real names and find their voter files. Then, you can add them to your network! 

Tip: The contact info that you match to voters in this process will not be visible to anyone else using Reach. If another volunteer Reaches your friend after you already have, they won’t see the phone number you added for them.

Contact your network 

Once you’ve imported your first 15 contacts (or more!), it’s time to reach out to them!

We have a fun, easy way to contact just the high-priority voters in your life who still need to vote. Log in here with the phone number you used to create your Reach account.

Note: It takes about 15 minutes for contacts you add to Reach to show up here. So if your contacts aren't showing up, take a break and try again in a few minutes. Email with any issues or questions.

Other ways to contact your Reaches:

  • Text message - You can text a member of your network right from their profile screen. Do this by tapping the message icon in the upper left hand side of their profile. We have a number of pre-loaded scripts you can use, right within Reach. 

  • Call - Calling someone is a great way to ensure they take the steps they need to take in real time. 

  • Direct message them on social media - Send a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you are online in community with them! 

  • Email - Send them a personal email saying hello, and checking in if they are all set to vote in this election. You can also send a blast email to a bunch of folks at once. This shouldn’t replace 1:1 contact, but can be a great supplement.

  • Sending out “flares” - A great way to find more folks to talk to is to do what we call “sending out flares”-- that is, indicating to your network that you are someone they can come to, and inviting people to identify themselves to you as supporters as well. A great thing to do is post on social media about the election, then direct message every person who likes or comments. 

  • Talk to them in person - People you live with or see on a daily basis are some of the best members of your network. Don’t forget about them! Just like the rest of your network, the campaign needs to know if we can count on their support, how they plan on voting, and if they will volunteer.

  • You can look these people up in the voter file by clicking on the “Search” magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. Once you find them  , add them to your network and fill out the survey questions. Then you can scroll to the top again and click “add user” to send them a text message so they can download the app.  Ask them to add 5 friends to their network and keep the Reach chain going!

Next Steps

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You are now all set to start organizing your own community! Any questions? Email