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Host Your Own Friendbank

The friendbanks that you host are great opportunities to gather friends, family and fellow Jon supporters, and equip them with the skills they need to rally their networks for Jon.

Host your own friendbank

Friendbanking allows us to take a small number of people and activate hundreds of voters -and our impact grows when we bring in other people to start reaching out to THEIR networks.


Register your event on Mobilize America.


Think about the people you can count on to show up – then follow these steps to ensure that they follow through! This is the moment to put on your organizer hat. 

1. Make a list of who you want to invite to your friendbank.

Think about your friends, family, and fellow Ossoff/Warnock supporters to create your list (we recommend writing it down). If you’re hosting a themed or community friendbank, think about places to reach out to people in those communities.

  • Start by scrolling through the contacts in your phone. Then, if you want to get creative, use the following prompts to inspire you!

    • Community group: (e.g.) Korean Americans, Jewish Community in Georgia, LGBTQ Georgians

    • Professional, identity or interest-based groups and listservs (think: theater makers, parents’ groups, music fan groups, knitters, lawyers)

    • Geography; Your neighborhood/precinct

    • Find Member Directories for your local clubs, PTA, company, professional networks

    • Alumni from the same high school

  • Book club

  • Local basketball league

  • Social media groups (Facebook groups, Slack workspaces, WhatsApp group chats, NextDoor, etc)

2. Remind your friends to come.

We recommend talking to your list of friends and family three different ways (that’s what it takes for someone to really commit to something):

(We’ve written sample scripts to make this easy!)

  • The invitation, which you can send by email and post on social media. You can also make a Facebook event and invite people there.

  • The second invitation, to re-invite folks who haven’t responded to your first invite. You can do this with texts, direct messages /private messages, emails, or phone calls. NOTE: These should be 1:1 correspondences rather than blast messages.

  • The confirmation, a text or phone call to confirm that they’re able to come.

3. Tips for promoting your event to the public. If your event is public and you’d like to do even more to bring supporters to your event, here are some tips:

  • Post in as many social media groups as possible. 

  • Reach out to your local Democratic Party chapter to invite them and see if they’ll help promote your event. 

  • Contact local organizations and ask for their help. Local chapters of progressive organizations may be willing to send an email to their members about your party. 

  • Let your local community know:

    • Submit your event as an item to the local newspaper community calendar.

    • Post it in your community’s local forums, or any relevant local Facebook groups.

    • Invite your local Democratic elected officials.


Use the bullets as a checklist to track your progress!

1. Preparation

  • Familiarize yourself with our powerpoint (In State | Out of State) NOTE: feel free to make a copy and customize it (keep the content but be creative with the aesthetics!). 

  • Invite people over email, social media, and more!

  • Send confirmations to your RSVPs.

  • Make sure all of your friends are on Reach (text REACH to 51015).

  • Make a playlist for people to listen to as they’re reaching out (optional).

2. The Day of 

  • Send an email bumping the Zoom link to all of your attendees.

3. During the Friendbank

  • Follow your agenda to have a successful event!


Use the host agenda to stay on track and keep yourself organized during the event!

Agenda for in state friendbanks:

Agenda for out of state friendbanks:


After the friendbank, remember to:

  • Send a follow up email: Thank your guests for coming, and reiterate next steps with a follow-up email.