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Priority for all volunteers

Social Media Action Kit

This toolkit covers how you can use your social media to share the most important messages, organizing actions, and graphics from Team Ossoff.

Phone or computer

Customize your profile picture

Show the world you're ready for the runoffs! Use our profile picture maker to add a frame to your profile photo for Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere you're online.

Protect the Vote

Team Ossoff and the Democratic Party of Georgia have worked together to create an extension of the voter hotline. Now voters not only have the option to call the hotline, but they also have the ability to text the hotline at 833-566-1212 with any voting related concerns, issues, or questions. Help us spread the word and protect the vote!

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Be a Voter Mobilization Influencer

When people see their friends and communities voting and sharing, it makes them more likely to vote too. Share Team Ossoff's voter mobilization graphics to keep voting front of mind for your followers and friends -- and make your feed look great while doing it!

Tip: Turn engagement into votes by DMing your friends.

When you post one of the graphics below, direct message everyone who likes or comments on it to check in about their plan to vote.

Share Graphics to Recruit Volunteers

Team Ossoff's organizing app Reach lets you check whether any Georgian has or hasn't voted yet, and makes it easy to reach out to the voters you know to help them make their voice heard. This is the most critical volunteer activity right now -- help us spread the word and get more folks plugged in.

Ossoff x Warnock

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are leading a movement for health, jobs, and justice. Show you're in this fight with them by sharing the graphics below.

Show Your Support

Use the following cover photos, backgrounds, phone screensavers, and printable signs to show your support!

Facebook Cover Photos

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Facebook Cover Photos

Zoom Backgrounds

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Instagram Story

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Printable Signs

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